06 september 2005

Anna Puccinelli

Last weekend, I met the lovely Anna Puccinelli. Anna is a very talented composer and musician based in Chicago. Born to immigrant parents - an Irish mother and an Italian father - her original compositions reflect ethnic, classical and contemporary American influences (this last line's from her bio by the way). She played piano at my friend's wedding and I was lucky enough to sit next to her at dinner afterwards. Did I mention she's stunning? Obviously we got talking about music and when she mentioned her website (better use IE to view it), I promised I'd check it out.

She did apologize that the contents was outdated. It still features her debut album with instrumental mood music based on the four elements. Listen to some samples of Ocean or Badlands Dawn and it will give you an idea of her sound. If you're into Wim Mertens, you'll certainly love this as well.

Currently Anna is looking for a distribution deal for album number 2, which will be more rock-oriented and features her singing voice as well. She gave Evanescence as a musical reference point and if you know that she's also into Smashing Pumpkins and Love, we should all look forward to hearing that one.

Anna, all the best to you and Jan, get those songs out in the open and if someone happens to be in Chicago, look her up and say hi from me.

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